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Our Service

All Pro NOW Delivery is NOT a moving company. We have a single driver per vehicle and specialize in retail to home deliveries.

Our drivers will deliver to your homes curbside, driveway, garage, porch or patio.

Customer assistance is required for item(s) requiring 2 people to lift.

How it Works

All Pro NOW - Like Uber or Lyft - for Shipping.  

Schedule a professional driver to pickup and deliver your shipment.

All Pro NOW uses your current location or you can enter the pickup and drop addresses manually. Once you submit your order, a driver will accept and be on the way.

Track the shipment, receive live status updates, and chat with the driver via messaging or voice along the way.

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Book Multiple Trucks

Large shipments are our old buddies and we don’t like to see them waiting. Loadup offers the ability for brokers to book multiple trucks in one transaction which allows them to manage large quantities of goods efficiently for their clients, without the hassle of dealing with multiple carriers. This feature can be availed by brokers for full-truckloads (FTL) only.

Schedule Your Shipment

Download our App and schedule your shipment with us today. Or, use your desktop and schedule via our online portal. Signing up and creating an account only takes a few minutes and we'll be there to pick up your shipment so you can be on your way.

Live Tracking

All Pro Now allows consumers to easily track the location and status of your shipments at any point in the delivery process. Review the expected delivery time, current location of the truck, and get status updates along the way. You always have peace of mind knowing that you can keep track of your shipments and respond to any potential issues quickly.

Credit Card

All Pro Now provides consumers with a flexible and convenient way to manage their cash flow, allowing them to pay for their shipments via credit card. Charges are applied after delivery is completed.

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We are always here to help our network of brokers in case of emergency or whenever they need our assistance.


Streamline your fleet operations with our comprehensive truck management system, designed to optimize routes, manage documents, and increase efficiency.

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