Logistics & Freight Management
Can Be Hassle-Free

Engage with our supply chain professionals to develop and deploy a strategic solution across your organization allowing you to focus on your core business

Managed Services

Shipping Software

✅ Carrier Rate Shopping
✅ Shipment Execution
✅ Event Management (Track/Trace)
✅ Freight Audit & Payment

Logistics Support Services

✅ Carrier Contract Negotiation 
✅ Carrier Setup & Relations Management
✅ Inbound Vendor / PO Management
✅ Carrier Invoice & Claims Management
✅ Project Management / Consultation
✅ Metrics / Analytics / Reporting

Fleet Management Software

✅ Order Entry
✅ Route Optimization
✅ Invoicing & Payment Processing 

50+ years of managing transportation, distribution and finance for global organizations with $100M+ in freight spend.

Our model aims to take the guesswork out of freight spend management and uncover the visibility and transparency needed to make the right decisions.

Education & engagement across your entire organization can streamline processes and information flow and guide policy deployment.

Collect data and build metrics and analytics to understand your end-to-end supply chain cost with our business intelligence platform. Our unique system enables an excellent communication platform.

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Get 24/7 Trip Assistance

We are always here to help our network of drivers in case of emergency or whenever they need our assistance.

Streamline your fleet operations with our comprehensive truck management system, designed to optimize routes, manage documents, and increase efficiency.

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